"Time is running out."

Just sixty seconds ago, I'd seen him standing there: a silhouette on the snowline, a solid, dark image impressed on my mind. When he vanished, I blinked, sure that the rising sun was playing teasing tricks with my eyes.

I stared until my eyes watered, until everything had blurred and lost focus. I had to get over there, and fast. He was vulnerable here, not experienced enough to know where to tread, or what to do if . . .

Well, if the unanswerable happened. It would steal his breath and soul from him. What would be left, then?

Breathing heavily in the high altitude, I reached the point where I'd last seen him, and knew with certainty that he wouldn't be coming back. I saw him falling, his body stretching, human spaghetti. 

Someone needed to alert the authorities about this pesky new wormhole. But it wouldn't be me. I had strayed too close, and now I was f a l  l  i  n  g     t    o     o.

[160 words] 

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